Through my NLP and hypnotherapy practice in Stroud and Great Malvern, I help people overcome their difficulties through the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  My aim is to support you and provide a professional and safe background to develop a rich and beneficial experience, leaving you feeling better and lighter at heart.


NLP and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy are wonderful tools with many facets. They utilise scientific understanding of our neurology, how the brain works and incorporates well-suited techniques, which are able to cut through phobias, anxiety and negative cycles of depression and anger.  Focusing on building positive future goals and progressively unfolding your inner potential and confidence, we are able to achieve results in a positive and lasting way.























Through trance and relaxation, we are able to deepen and allow this process of change to take place. During this process, the brain continues to make new neural pathways to calmer and more fulfilled outlooks, rather than staying in the previous closed-loop cycle of thoughts.


This is where the stress levels drop and pressure eases within the system. Here we can change patterns of behaviour by overcoming anxieties, negative thinking, anger, weight loss, addictions, etc. We gain confidence as our inner strength and freedom increases. We become increasingly able to cope with difficult situations and to focus on the bigger, more positive picture.


Let's think of the surface of an uncut diamond or precious stone - just as it is, or worked into facets to reveal the shining and sparkling inner life. So too it is with our inner potential - we can work with it, which is a great and wonderful thing. It’s amazing to see when the stress levels come down, how positivity and well-being can find their natural place again in the personality.

Gundie Nye - Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner in Stroud and Great Malvern

Unfolding the wings of change with NLP and Hypnotherapy for a peaceful mind and enhanced self-confidence


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